The Mustang Support Organization sponsors lunches for all the teachers and staff at FSA as a sign of our appreciation and gratitude.  Working with the Vice-President of Parent Engagement, the sponsoring grade level room parents choose a local restaurant to supply main entrées.  Then, the room parents work with their classroom families to supply sides and desserts to accompany the main dishes.  The grade-level room parents also help by decorating the lunchroom to take the teachers and staff “out to lunch!” 

The schedule for the 2023-24 school year is

  Sponsoring Grades Dates Contacts
September 2023 11-12th Grade TBD Room Parents
October 2022 8th Grade TBD Room Parents
November 2022 5th Grade TBD Room Parents
December 2022 9-10th Grade TBD Room Parents
January 2023 7th Grade TBD Room Parents
February 2023 4th Grades TBD Room Parents
March 2023 6th Grade TBD Room Parents
April 2023 2nd-3rd Grades TBD Room Parents
May 2023 Pk-Kindergarten-1st TBD Room Parents

Some Planning Guidelines

  • Plan to accommodate a variety of dietary profiles.
  • Plan to feed 120 teachers, administration and staff.
  • Reach out to the coordinator who has a list of past vendors.  
  • Encourage parent contributions with regular updates on what is needed.
  • Turn the lounge into a restaurant-themed retreat – music, flowers, and decorations are encouraged!  How 
  • Plan for keeping trays warm and drinks cool.
  • Expect hungry teachers from 10-2; set aside food for teachers who arrive at 1:30!