Almost every month, the MSO sponsors lunches for all the teachers and staff at FSA as showing of appreciation and gratitude. The MSO picks a restaurant to supply a main entree and then works with grade-level room parents to supply sides and desserts.  The grade-level room parents also help by decorating the lunchroom to take the teachers and staff “out to lunch!” 

The schedule for the 2022-23 school year

Date Sponsoring Grades Contacts Theme
October 2022 5th Grade Room parents  
November 2022 11-12 Grade    
December 2022 4th Grade Room parents  
January 2023 8th Grade    
February 2023 2nd & 3rd Grades Room parents  
March 2023 9th & 10th Grade    
April 2023 Kinder, Pre-K, 1st Grade Room parents  
May 2023 3rd Grade